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Credit Card Services

Every gateway has features that can be tailored to fit your business needs. Whether your transactions are card present (CP), card not present (CNP), or a mix, these features are the backbone of your business.

Available Gateways

We are a trusted reseller for these popular Gateways:
PayTrace, Network Merchants Incorporated (NMI), CyberSource, and SlimCD


Virtual Terminal

Ability to accept and process payments using a web browser anywhere without a card being present.

Interchange Optimization

Ability for a gateway to send additional data fields required for level 2 and level 3 processing, in turn lowering your cost of processing. Solutions are available that can pass on this data automatically.



Accepting physical cards and pairing it with a virtual gateway allow you to lower your risk cost and time per transaction.

Payment Link

Email a secure payment link and/or add a payment button to your website allowing your customers to enter their payment information and make process payments quickly online.



Ability to create and send itemized invoices to customers for payment.

Recurring Billing

Ability to automatically charge a customer a set amount on a monthly basis. The customer's card information is stored securely until subscription is cancelled.


Fraud Prevention

Fraud controls are important for any website accepting payments online. E-commerce and shopping cart websites are the most susceptible. Leveraging fraud filters and risk controls will reduce card-testing, fraudulent orders, locked merchant accounts and other types of fraud.

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